About Us


-litbi will be where knowledge is created better.


-Innovate to understand knowledge better.

Business Philosophy

-litbi believes that knowledge information is always necessary for anyone in the era of knowledge economy. Each dynamic customer needs to update knowledge information at different levels and continuously over time, if we could create a method to organize and show information that is relevant to the customers themself persistently, they would accept us.
-Linking social responsibility of society to our own responsibility.

Core Values

-Innovation. Creative to proactively invent new methods to create new values in a unique way.
-Intergrity. By being accountable for our actions, and we ensure that the highest ethical standards guide us in making decisions.
-Simplicity. Highest simplistic way to bring customers values that are compact, concise, but help to understand easier, faster, deeper and better.
-Empowerment. Acknowledging the potential of the individual and create opportunities for all to grow and excel. Together, we celebrate our success and achievements.

About litbi 4.2

Being developed based on today's advanced technologies, litbi 4.2 provides analytics solutions of innovative global business that help to quickly discover the unique digital business intelligence of Technology and Finance multinational corporations. These digital knowledge, when properly being applied, will be able to help businesses to actively adjust their business strategy in the most creative and effective way.

With litbi 4.2, users can access digital knowledge conflating from multinational technology corporations in real time, which can interact visually with knowledge charts to create new knowledge samples in a flexible way.


Distinct knowledge

litbi 4.2 brings unique digital business knowledge which is not yet available in the market.

Across devices

Digital knowledge is accessible from a variety of devices, including cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Dynamic interaction

litbi 4.2 allows to have dynamic interaction with knowledge diagrams so that users can interact by themselves to find hidden knowledge.


Apart from the pre-defined knowledge paradigms, litbi 4.2 can quickly adapt to meet new arising requirements

Strong Visualization

Digital knowledge is projected visually, therefore the user understands the hidden knowledge immediately

Deep analysis

Users can compare and analyze business data in different levels of complexity by themselves.

How to use

Step 1 - Register your account at litbi.com

Register for a login account of litbi 4.2. Users do not need to pay in advance any fees or do any long-term commitments.


Step 2 - Experience a different digital knowledge

User can get the wisdom of digital business intelligence flexibly through pre-defined knowledge paradigms or arbitrarily flexible interaction with litbi 4.2


Step 3 - Additional support

Users can ask for help or new advanced content customization support from litbi 4.2 team

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(+84) 286 287 6887